December to Remember

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Faith. Family. Fun. & Food! This December is one that will go down in the books. Join us Dec. 14-18th as we celebrate the season with games, food, dancing, prizes, and more.

Monday December 15th - Deck The Halls

Start the KWSW December to Remember week. 9:30 AM - Join us on this Zoom link for gratefulness, safety, wisdom, and prosperity (virtual only)

Starting Today! Appreciation Sticky Notes.

Come to the office and write an Appreciation note on one of our colorful sticky notes. If you prefer, you can also call it in and we will write your appreciation on your behalf.

Show your appreciation to someone that helped you, was kind to you or for any reason. Your appreciation doesn't have to go towards a person, it can be for anything.

You can post it or you can get us to post it on a beautiful board created by your wonderful Tech Team.

Don't worry, if it gets full, I will have another added to it.

Deck the Halls Monday, Dec. 14th.

We have had a totally unpredictable year, but one thing that is constant is that no one succeeds alone so let’s give thanks to those who have helped us this year. Let’s deck the halls with appreciation. KWSW has love that sticks. Stop by Monday or post your appreciation message on our closed FB page with the following hashtag (#kwdeckthehalls). We will fill our halls with your messages of appreciation.

Favorite Things Tuesday, Dec. 15th.

Let’s get to know each other this season….what are a few of your favorite things? Take a picture of you doing (rated PG version 😉), consuming, or just appreciating a few of your favorite things. Extra points for singing the song with it. Song sung by Julie Andrews on the musical Sound of Music. Great Holiday Bake Off

Holiday Bake Off Wednesday, Dec 16th.

At KWSW we love our culturally diverse family, and we want you to flex your skills in the kitchen while sharing your culture with us. It's time for the Great Holiday Bake Off! Bake a traditional winter dessert treat and take a pic, share the recipe, or do a video of you/your family making it and why it’s such a treat during the season for your family. Post on our FB closed group page with the hashtag #kwbakeoff

Jingle Bell Rock Thursday Dec 17

What’s a celebration without a celebration dance? It’s time to get down with the Jingle Bell Rock. Our virtual party will be energetic, interactive, and memorable. Start sending in your song requests now…. The party will kickoff at 7 pm. You can submit song requests on our FB closed group page with the following hashtag #kwjinglebellrock

Holly Day Bingo Friday Dec 18th

BINGO! A KWSW Family favorite, and so we had to throw it in. Bring your competitive spirit to our virtual bingo game. Called by Chad “PaPa” St. Jean himself and Dale. Special appearance from Lawerance Perreau from Perry Homes.

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