Plan for Market Center to Re-Open

Updated: May 20, 2020

Dear Agents,

I know many of you are ready to get back to work as usual and we would love for you to be able to too. We miss the energy of the hustle and bustle of agents in the hallways, making deals happen, sharing ideas, and just visiting with one another. Most of all, we miss visiting with you face to face. The following is our Four Part Plan for getting KWSW back to business as "normal," of course this plan is subject to change as new orders are released from the county and the governor.

Phase I - Monday, May 4, 2020

The Market Center Staff will be back working at the office. This means that someone will be answering the phones, receiving checks, packages, etc. However, to control access, the doors will remain locked.

We are asking that ONLY those who rent an office to start coming back to the office to work. If you are in the common areas, please wear a mask (but not necessary while in your office behind closed doors).

Lobby area will not be available for clients to wait or for agents to socialize in.

Phase II - TBD

Agents that rent cubicles and anyone else that need to conduct business from the office may come back to work (please wear a mask). 

Conference rooms will be open but please keep use to a minimum.

Lobby area will not be available for clients to wait or for agents to socialize in.

Front doors will be unlocked.

Phase III - TBD

Small classes will resume.

Lobby will be available for clients to wait. Please no socializing in the lobby though.

Continue to keep social distancing in mind and keep congregating to a minimum.

Phase IV - TBD

Team Meetings and events will resume.

Business back as usual.

No matter which phase we are in, we are asking you to stay at home if you are sick at all, continue to wash your hands frequently and refrain from physical touching as much as possible.

We understand that some of you have continued to come to the office during the "Stay at Home" order that may not fall into the above outline. We are not saying you cannot continue to do so. We are just outlining a "Best Practice" plan to help keep everyone safe and comfortable with the situation. 

We greatly appreciate everyone's efforts in doing their part to help flatten the curve with the spread of the Corona Virus. 

Thank you,

Andi St. Jean

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